WhatsApp Launches Innovative App for Businesses

WhatsApp for Business.png

WhatsApp just launched a new business app.

The app allows businesses to better connect with their customers and allows the customers to establish a presence on the WhatsApp service. Businesses receive verification and a green check next to their profile to reassure customers that the business is in fact authentic.

Businesses will establish their WhatsApp profile by including information such as: business description, email, phone number and address.

Whatsapp said customers will be able to see when they are speaking with a business because the accounts will be listed as a "Business Account". 

Once a business is settled in on the Whatsapp Network, they can begin utilizing several tools provided by the app. The features are very similar to what you currently find on Facebook Messenger.

Examples of these features include: "quick replies", "greeting messages" and "away messages." “Away messages” are automated, allowing the customer to message the business after hours. 

Another great feature included is the trackability via messaging statistics. One of the key metrics being tracked is the number of messages that have been read by customers. The app also allows users to send and receive messages from desktop through  WhatsApp Web.

General users of WhatsApp will not be charged to communicate with these businesses. Business will only be able to contact people who have provided their phone number and have agreed to receive messages from each specific business.

The business app will eventually be accompanied by an enterprise solution that will target larger companies with global reach, such as: banks, airlines, e-commerce sites and more. The company has stated in the past they plan to charge a premium for this service.